Sleeper Service

W/Sordid Ordeal, Hypertron Collidescope
rock / doom / stoner

Sleeper Service the doom / post rock trio will be sharing The Bendigo Hotel stage with Sordid Ordeal, the rock / punk / blues party boys and Hypertron Collidescope the ultra rock love duo. Get yourself involved in a guaranteed night of unadulterated, aural pleasure. Hypertron Collidescope: 8.30 - 9.00 Sordid Ordeal: 9.15 - 10.00 Sleeper Service: 10.15 - 11.00 Doors at 8 $5 at the door Read on...

Free Friday Fill in Frenzy!

W/K-MaRt WaRRioRs, Udder Ubductees, The Murderballs, Three Quarter Beast, Admiral Ackbar's Dishonourable Discharge
punk rock

Oi! So, Dave from the Bendigo Hotel had a cancellation so he asked us bunch of fun lovin punk rock miscreants to play this rad short notice gig! So come party on down this Friday 23rd March with the likes of - K-MaRt WaRRioRs, Udder Ubductees, The Murderballs, Three Quarter Beast, Admiral Ackbar's Dishonourable Discharge - FREE ENTRY! Read on...


W/Trampoline death machine, Mudshaker

Wavehead is playing the Bendigo hotel in Collingwood on the 28th of March with Mudshaker and special guests. Wavehead is playing shows across Victoria before launching their debut ep. Doors at 8:00 Trampoline death machine 8:10, Mudshaker 8:50, Wavehead 9:40 Read on...

Snark 'Live It Up' Single Launch

W/The Paddy Cakes, OMW & BR

Snark take to The Bendi to celebrate the release of their shiny new single Live It Up with a stacked line up and a massive dose of vibes. Featuring support from super rad indie rockers The Paddy Cakes, fresh off the back of some sweet new releases of their own! Check out 'Tongue Tied' on their Unearthed page... Read on...

Unholy Good Friday - DEPRESSION

Punk / THrash / metal / HC

Totally Wicked Line up of Punk, Thrash and metal hits The Bendi on this Unholy Good Friday All proceeds will be going to the Childrens Hospital Appeal! Its a great cause and why wouldn't you be keen with this unbelievable line up. DEPRESSION, BLACK JESUS, CHRISTCRUSHER, JOIN THE AMISH, GRUDGE! HAILGUN, NEMESIUM, CHAINGUN. $10 to warm your cold hearts. Read on...

New Years Eve - Single Launch

W/Just About Done, Phil Wolfendale, Strangers, Ivy Streep
pop punk

In support of the release of their debut single "New Years Eve", Valerie Avenue will be playing the Bendi. Supporting them will be Pop Punk Powerhouse Just About Done, (fresh off the release of their latest single "helpless hands"), Phil Wolfendale still riding off the huge success of his debut release late last year, as well as Melbourne legends Stranger, and Ivy Streep (debut release). In celebration of the event, were putting on some huge drink specials $10 Jugs, $5 Tequila - between 6 and 10pm. Read on...

The Detonators

W/The Ezra Lee Trio

Two rockin' heavy weights of the Melbourne rockabilly scene launch a new era of Sunday sessions at the Bendigo Hotel.The high priests of roots rock n roll, The Detonators and the Rock n Roll pianoman, Ezra Lee go head to head in a rockin free for all.Honky Tonkin bar grind guaranteed to get your feet movin and ya hips gyratin'. Doors at 7pm $10 cover charge and drink specials to be announced. Read on...

Dangerous Curves - 'So Dirty Right' Album Launch

rock n roll

Geelong rock n rollers Dangerous Curves will release their long awaited debut album So Dirty Right, So Dirty Right is larger than life and ready to blow you away! Ten perfectly executed slabs of rock n roll that capture the wild spirit of rock's glory days while very much looking towards the future. Equal parts grit and polish, Dangerous Curves know how to party. Read on...

Beetlejuice ~ A Strange and Unusual Event

W/The Mighty Duke and the Lords, DJs, big screen movie screening in the beer garden
Calypso / film / performance Art!

It's time to turn on the juice and see what shakes loose! Everyone's favourite bio-exorcist turns 30 this year and we're throwing one hell of a party to celebrate. On Saturday, April 7th the bendi will be transformed into a haven for the recently deceased (but living and long-dead folks are encouraged to come, too). Food and drink specials will be available all night. So say it once, say it twice, third time's the charm Buy tix...


W/Toxicon, Primitive, Armoured Earth
Thrash / metal

Naberus are back with their first show of 2018. Naberus has left audiences in awe of their energetic and captivating live shows. Not only recreating the power and aggression of their recorded material, but going above and beyond with their on stage presence and persona, engaging stage show and relentless crowd interaction Read on...


W/Wicked City, Rathead, Silverlight Shadows, Pistol Peaches
Rock / punk

CK revvin up their OZ tour at The Bendi. Sat 14th April. Stay tooooned. Cosmic Kahuna bringing barbarous riffage to the Bendigo Hotel Sat April 14 w/ Wicked City, Rathead, Silverlight Shadows and Pistol Peaches 8pm $10 Read on...

Warhead (Japan). Australia Tour!

W/Supports tba
Japanese hardcore

Warhead. Against in Australia Tour! Blazing Japanese hardcore will touring Australia for the first time. Doing a whirlwind tour up the coast with Blockade, their brutal shows are not to missed. You snooze you lose! More info soon... Friday 20th April - Melbourne Read more...

Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea tour

W/Special guests TBA
punk rock

No longer satisfied with blending in to the background, *Frenzal Rhomb* have announced additional shows on their /Hi-Vis High Tea/ tour, in full compliance with Australian Government guidelines. Many fans have attended shows dressed in their own Hi-Vis work gear, and some have completed post show tasks in or near the venues, including plumbing connections, tree planting and pruning, unloading vehicles, repairing roads and so forth. Buy tix...

Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea tour

W/Special guests TBA
punk rock

*Frenzal Rhomb's* ninth full-length punk rock record. And just like a ninth child to a religious family, they're really getting good at it. Recorded once again by Bill Stevenson (*Descendents, Black Flag*) and Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, /Hi-Vis High Tea/ is a concept album about a whole bunch of different concepts. 20 songs clocking in at just over 30 minutes, but what they lack in length they make up for in brevity. Buy tix...

RIXE (france)

Rock / punk / Oi

RIXE second show in Melbourne! RIXE's sweet blended mix of 80s US HC & French Oi! gives you the best catchy anthems any Oi! band has to offer today. Take note for fans of l'infantrie sauvage, nabat, iron cross, swingo porkies, last resort etc. Local supports are Melbourne's very own eletric glitter boogiers POWER, Suomi influenced hc punks HAVITTAJAT, Italo Hc inspired blazers EXECUTION, Melbounre Oi! upstarts DOVE and appearing for the first time IRON BAR featuring members of Marching Order, Topnovil, Bulldog Spirit & Razorcut. Buy tix...


W/supports tba
rock / punk

DOUBLEBLACK; Raw, honest white-knuckled rock'n'roll, loud hip shakin', psychobilly dipped in batter and friedwith a blowtorch! Doubleblack is hitting back hard in 2018... more details to come, plus supports tba. Read on...


W/supports tba

Arrest Records Australia Presents. Pears (USA) headlining tour, May 2018. Tickets on sale via Oztix from Thursday February 1st. Proudly supported by Finley Drumsticks and Stand Your GroundsThe hardcore punk band came together just over a year ago, in early 2014, after its members had kicked around the New Orleans punk scene for long enough before finally wising up and realizing they were meant for each other. Read on...

Morte Lenta

W/Masses, Sistema En Decadencia, Talc, Enzyme, Dove
HC / Punk / rock

Morte Lenta ( Brazil and Sydney) are touring Australia again in support of their upcoming Ep on No Patience Record! Furiously stomping hc sung in Portuguese. Morte Lenta, Masses, Sistema en Decadencia, Talc, Enzyme, Dove. 18 May - 8pm 10 bucks Read on...

Sabbat (japan)


Sabbat (japan) - australian east coast tour 2018. The Japanese pioneer and tyrant since 1983 embark on Australian shores finally. Unholy black fire and scythe in hand ready to deliver a deadly blow. Buy tix...



Sabbat (japan) - australian east coast tour 2018 the Japanese pioneer and tyrant since 1983 embark on australian shores finally. Unholy black fire and scythe in hand ready to deliver a deadly blow. Melbourne - sun 20th may 2018 with special guests. Persecution, Ignivomous, Cemetery Urn, Bulletbelt (n.Z.) and Eskhaton Buy tix...

Heavy AF - Heavy Music Festival

In Deception (EP launch), Naberus, Nothingmetalmelb, Annihilist, Earthbound, Notice of Eviction, Hedron, He Who Seeks Vengeance.
metal / hardcore / metalcore / progressive rock

HEAVY AF - Heavy Music Festival, brings together some of the heavy-hitters in metal, hardcore/metalcore and progressive rock. Leading the charge is festival headliner, Boris the Blade, who are known for their balls-to-wall brand of technical deathcore. Boris the Blade enjoy an international following and reputation. The very popular Hollow World play melodic death metal and are the main support at 'Heavy AF' Buy tix...


Death Metal

Cemetery Urn was formed in the Australian summer 2006, by Andrew Gillon (Abominator, Bestial Warlust) and Damon Bloodstorm (Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, Abominator, Kutabare). The band was primarily created to conjure Death Metal that was later to be labeled Barbaric Australian Death Metal. Matt Skitz Sanders (Damaged, Sadistic Execution, Destroyer 666), was recruited to Command the drums. Read on...

Mortiis (NOR)

Rock / Metal / Industrial

For the First Time in Australia. Mortiis (Nor) is coming to Melbourne for One Show Only. With Special Guests. With a very Special Performance of the Cold Meat Industry Classic Anden Som Gjorde Oppror on show. After Mortiis left Emperor, the Norwegian black metal band he was part of starting, in late 1992, he started Mortiis as a solo project, and released a number of solo records between 1993 and 1999 Buy tix...

DARKCELL'S Psycho Circus 2018

W/supports tba
circus / festival / freakshow

Proudly presented by Young Henrys, RTD Records & Hostile Entertainment. Australia's own kings of creepy, DARKCELL proudly present - PSYCHO CIRCUS 2018. The annual event is back by popular demand and freakier than ever, showcasing 10 spooktacular bands, circus performers, side-show attractions & more. This is a truly unique experience that has to be seen to believed. Adding a Melbourne show this year. Buy tix...